When deciding whether to invest in 3 Commas, it is important to weigh the ease of use with the number of features that the software offers experts. Although the feature list for 3Commas is extensive, you are unlikely to need to customize all of the scripts or even the most advanced features. While you can customize the scripts, it is also important to consider other developers’ scripts. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, the software allows you to work with code written by other developers.

Trading bots

You can set your orders to be executed on a number of trades. This automated bot has a variety of exit strategies. You can customize the parameters of your orders so that they will be executed by the 3Commas bot. This software only works on the Deribit crypto options exchange. It also has graphical presentation of order parameters that you can change and delete. Moreover, you can copy the order you just placed and use it for future trading.

You can specify the ratio of coins that you would like your custom bot to trade in, and 3Commas will copy those settings. This platform supports trailing orders, stop-loss orders, and composite bots. Another feature is the ability to copy the portfolio of other traders. You can check out their statistics before copying their trading bots. 3Commas launched its platform in 2017, and the company is based in Toronto.

Automated trading

If you’re new to investing, you’re probably wondering if automated trading software is right for you. 3Commas Interactive has recently released an automated trading bot that allows you to copy the portfolio of a successful investor. While the software is quite easy to use, you should make sure to read its user guide before making a decision. The support team at 3 commas is also available through their social media pages.

The first step in automated trading with 3Commas is to acquire your exchange’s API key. Once you’ve obtained this, you can paste the key into 3Commas’ interface. From there, you can create trading strategies and set up take profit and stop loss goals. After a while, your automated trading system will do the rest. And the best part is, you’ll be earning money as you sleep!

Copy portfolios

If you want to copy the portfolio of an investor, 3 Commas is the right tool for you. This service allows you to copy a portfolio created by a popular investor and apply it to your own account. There are a few ways to do this, such as viewing the portfolio image, applying it to your account, or following it. Your favorite portfolios will appear in the corresponding subsection of the “Portfolios” menu.

Customer support

If you’ve used 3Commas for customer support, then you know that your information is secure. In fact, 3Commas makes sure their servers are protected from attacks and have numerous safeguards in place to ensure the security of your data. You can read more about their security measures here. For example, they use secure servers, secure areas, and technical measures like encryption. If there is ever a security breach, 3Commas has a plan that details what to do.

Third-party services are not always available. Although 3Commas will try to provide the Software to you as quickly as possible, you cannot rely on it to meet your exact needs. If you’re using the Third-Party Services, 3Commas will not be liable for any loss or damage that might result from your use of the service. This includes any data that you may lose as a result.